When I was searching for a diet pill to help with my weight loss I spent a great deal of time looking at which of the pills available were the best diet pills for women. We have differing needs from men of course and even though the majority of slimming pills are directly marketed at women, that does not mean they are all the same.

I looked at Alli and was assured that they were extremely good for women, I do in fact have a couple of friends who have been taking it for years who swear by it, so I would consider that brand one of the best diet pills for women. I also had a couple of friends who either were using or had used Hoodia.
In my wisdom and for no particular reason I chose Hoodia, specifically the Hoodia Pure product. I read at least 50 reviews and spoke to 4 or 5 people who had used it. I was not told of any particular side-effects of note. and all but 1 of my friends felt that it had helped them to differing degrees with their weight loss. After about 1 month of use I noticed the weight loss had levelled off at just over 1lb a week, not startling but it was consistent, it was at the 1 month point I had my first parcel of the Hoodia Patch arrive. I decided to change to the Hoodia Patch because it seemed much easier to use, I’d never liked taking pills so the patch seemed perfect.