Cellucor T7 Extreme is a weight loss supplement manufactured by Cellucor. It claims to release stubborn fat and limit fat storage in the body.

The official website also further stated that it enhances the metabolic rate and promotes good mood.

To the manufacturer, since it is 100% stimulant free, it is ideal for people who are sensitive to stimulants and are suffering from high blood pressure or other heart conditions.

Here are some of the ingredients that help aid fat loss used in Cellucor T7 Extreme:-

Fucoxanthin – It is a chemical found in seaweed, eaten with Asian cuisine. It promotes fat burning within fat cells in white adipose tissue.
Zinc Aspartate – It is a mineral enhancement and a significant naturally occurring bio available free form of zinc. It is also important for the proper functioning of the reproductive organs.
Salix Mastunda – It acts as an anti-inflammatory and as an analgesic pain reliever. Salix Mastunda is a common ingredient of Aspirin.
3,5 Dihidroxy-Phenylacetate – It is a water-soluble vitamin B9 that is crucial for the preservation and creation of new cells. It also increases the normal activity of the thyroid gland by the augmented production of thyroid hormones.
Besides these, Cellucor T7 Extreme also possesses certain other ingredients such as 5-HTP and so on.

The below mentioned are certain pros of the product –

It is 100% stimulant and caffeine free and as a result doesn’t give ‘jitters’ or sleep loss and is safe for people with high blood pressure and other hear ailments to use.
It enhances the metabolic system and as a result increases energy and slows down fat storage.
It provides free shipping facility as well 100% money back guarantee.
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We have noticed a number of cons as mentioned below:-

Since it affects the thyroid gland a lot and over-stimulates it, it is imperative that it is not taken by people with thyroid gland related disorders.
Cellucor T7 Extreme is quite expensive. Each bottle costs $62.99, which meant for one month only.
It is completely effective only when taken with other cellucor weight loss products.
It lacks a full detailed ingredient list used.
Therefore, to conclude, even though the T7 Extreme is an ideal product as it is a stimulant free, there is not enough substantial proof as to whether it really works or not. We recommend not buying it.