Adipex Diet Pills Review

These days, you will find so many good prescriptions for diet medications on the market. One of such medications you might be lucky to find is Adipex-P also known as Adipex. It’s a diet stimulant that suppresses the appetite of the user but unlike most weight loss supplements you will find out there this product is made specifically for men and women who are obese and seem to suffer from diabetes, high cholesterol problems or high blood pressure.

When you use Adipex, it’s recommended that you eat a healthy balanced diet and get involved in a regular fitness program. This supplement is quite similar to amphetamine. You are advised not to take this pill with other diet pills unless you are directed by a physician to do so.

Using Adipex can result in some form of side effects like fatigue, impaired thinking, extreme tiredness, withdrawals and depressions. If you are allergic to any kind of stimulant, don’t take Adipex pills. Don’t take Adipex if you have glaucoma, an overactive thyroid gland or an alcoholic. If you are still nursing a baby or you’re pregnant, don’t take any diet drugs including Adipex. Some of the problems some people have noticed and complained they had while they were taking this weight loss drug Adiplex were diarrhea, rapid heartbeats, chest pains, blurred visions, dizziness and insomnia.

It’s in your best interests that you take this weight loss product only after due consultations or prescriptions from a physician or a pharmacist.

Features of Adipex

It’s a prescription weight loss product that should only be taken after holding due consultations with a licensed pharmacist or physician. Just like most weight loss prescription drugs, some complications may arise when you use Adipex which have been listed above. The real cost of this weight loss product is yet to be revealed on its official website. There are no free trials offers or samples offers for Adipex too. At the time of writing this, there are no testimonials on an official website too.

Unlike most of the other weight loss drugs usually available for people over 18 without prescriptions, Adipex is only really suitable for people who are obese, diabetic, suffering from a high level of cholesterol or high blood pressure.

Benefits of Using Adipex

  • Adipex is a weight loss supplement only available with a physician’s prescription or recommendation. As a result it’s better regulated than most of the other diet supplements and products available in the market.
  • All the warnings and information about using Adipex are readily available online for everyone to see and review. With Adipex, nothing is hidden.

Disadvantages of using Adipex:

  • It can cause chest pains, blurred visions, dizziness, rapid heartbeats, insomnia and diarrhea in some users.
  • You would need a prescription to be able to lose weight with this weight loss drug.
  • There are no clinical proofs or testimonials from those who have used this product before on any official website.
  • This is a product that’s targeted at people who want to lose weight but are suffering from high cholesterol problems, obese, diabetic with high blood pressure.


Though Adipex is just one of the many weight loss supplements available on the market out there today, it’s a weight loss product with better control as it’s closely monitored by pharmacists and other health professionals unlike so many others out there that have less strict guidelines even though they are actually non-prescription diet supplements.

If you would like to take a drug like Adipex, it’s advisable you visit your doctor or a pharmacist so you could be able to learn more about their potential side effects and discover if this product is perfect for you.

How Does Adipex Promote Weight Loss?

Adipex uses ingredients that have been clinically proven to flush out water weight. You can lose weight within a relatively short period of time, because you are peeing a lot and therefore losing water weight now. Of course, you end up gaining that weight back just as quickly, and you can only afford to lose so much water weight at a time.
Your body needs water. In fact, the majority of your body mass is made up of water.
Adipex uses ingredients such as buchu, uva ursi, horsetail, and dandelion root, all of which have been clinically proven and known for their diuretic effects. However, the most important thing that you should know is that diuretics do not eliminate or burn any fat. In fact, diuretics can actually impede fat burning and any kind of long term weight loss program.

Is Adipex Safe to Use?

Some may choose to use Adipex in many different ways for many different purposes. However, makers and sellers of Adipex suggest only using this product on an occasional basis. Why? Because as a diuretic, Adipex dehydrates the body, which can lead to serious and sometimes even long term side effects.
We mentioned before that a diuretic reduces your ability to lose weight in the future. However, dehydration can also cause muscle pain, joint pain, vision problems, and many other issues that you may not even think of. Water is essential to every part of the body, and Adipex specifically functions by removing that life source.

List of Ingredients

Cortislim utilizes active substances like Vitamin C (100mg), Calcium (150 mg) and Chromium (50 mcg). besides, Cortislim is developed with proprietary blends of Cortiplex (Beta-Sitosterol and even L-Theanine), Leptiplex (orange peel extract and green tea leaf) and Insutrol (Vanadyl Sulfate and Banaba Leaf extract).

No full ingredient list is given.

Product Features

Cortislim is known as a diet pill that is definitely intended to assist during the weight loss method along with a nutritious diet and usual exercise. This aid is directed to be taken twice daily; once with breakfast and once again with lunch. Cortislim goals to manage appetite and increase energy levels.


  • The official Cortislim webstore presents the pill avaiable for purchase via web, which is effortless.
  • Cortislim is sold with a 100 percent money-back guarantee.
  • Cortislim comes in an easy-to-take pill form.
  • The official Cortislim website offers free supply.


  • The official Cortislim website doesn’t appear to offer substantial clinical proof regarding the value of Cortislim.
  • Cortislim is offered as being useful if incorporated with regular workout and a nutritious diet.
  • A daily fitness regimen and nutritious diet arrange could possibly be only as efficient without Cortislim.
  • Cortislim is offered in 4 different kinds, which may be difficult for several dieters.
  • A number of components found in Cortislim will not be suitable for some users.


Although Cortislim comes in an easy capsule kind and it is offered with a money-back guarantee, a number of dieters may not find the general pitch which means appealing. The notion that this diet product comes with a dieting meal guide and exercise plan may make consumers wonder if the diet product itself is perhaps essential. It’s maybe a good suggestion to explore all current diet pills, plans and choices while choosing Cortislim.

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