CentriLEAN is a weight loss supplement manufactured by Weight Loss Innovation, LP. It is a weight loss supplement that is believed to be useful for belly fat reduction.

Although, the manufacturers of CentriLEAN claim that there has been a medical study confirming the success of their invention, the report of this medical study has not been published on the official website for people to view or substantiate their claim.

The official website has very little information about the product. Moreover, we also didn’t find any other clinical or medical testimony which could support the claims as made by the manufacturer.

Although the official website does not mention the whole list of ingredients of the product, it mentions some of the ingredients used. These ingredients are –
Green Tea – It has been scientifically proven to be a rich source of antioxidants. Besides, studies have established that it can decrease cholesterol. Green tea also contains caffeine, which has been known to suppress appetite and increase energy.
Konjac – Konjac root is a very good appetite suppressant. It absorbs the liquids in the stomach and expands to become a gelatine-like substance. This makes the stomach feel full, and thus effectively suppresses appetite.
The benefits or pros of CentriLean are mentioned below:-
CentriLEAN offers a trial pack for only $1.00.
It claims to give a replacement pack in case of any damage that happens during shipping or delivery of the product free of cost.
It has an official website dedicated to the product.

CentriLEAN has the following shortcomings which has been detected after a careful review:-
There is very limited information available on the official website about the product.
There is no list of ingredients given on the official website.
There is no proof given on their website in relation to the clinical research on the product.
The official website claims that you need to maintain a proper diet and exercise in order benefit from this product.

Finally, to conclude, although CentriLEAN targets belly fat and contains the green tea and konjac root which are important for weight loss, it doesn’t give a list of all the ingredients and the lack of testimonials on the website makes the product untrustworthy. Hence, we do not recommend this product.

Hydroxycut Pro Clinical

Hydroxycut Pro Clinical claims to give you a huge boost of energy, help you lose several times as much weight, and even reduce your body mass index, making it potentially perfect for those who have tried and failed with dieting and exercising. Their caplets claim to be easily dissolvable and give you the benefits of the supplement more quickly and easily.

Hydroxycut is a well-known name in the weight loss business, but will this little tablet really give you all these benefits without any side-effects or huge lifestyle changes? Before we can make that determination, we need to look at the ingredients, consumer reviews, and clinical data.


Hydroxycut Pro Clinical contains three proprietary blends, called HydroxyBoost, Hydroxyprovia, and Hydroxygen. While we appreciate the creative names, as well as the fact that Hydroxycut Pro Clinical is trying to keep its ingredient dosages a company secret, it is difficult to determine what exactly is in it.


-It is affordable, costing about $20 for a months’ supply
-It is also available in the form of drink packets and there is also a caffeine-free Hydroxycut Pro Clinical


-It doesn’t contain a full ingredient list
-The majority of consumer reviews gave Hydroxycut Pro Clinical low ratings and poor reviews


What we were the most impressed with about Hydroxycut Pro Clinical is the fact that it was supported by data and research. In terms of actual pounds and inches lost, this product is proven to make a different and supplement a healthy lifestyle.

If you are considering trying Hydroxycut Pro Clinical, the only caution we would give is that most consumers were not entirely pleased with the results. Though the results of the test proved that the ingredients worked, we have no way of knowing if there are effective amounts in Hydroxycut Pro Clinical. For that reason, we would not consider this the best weight loss supplement available.

The CentriLEAN Formula

CentriLEAN uses ingredients such as cissus quadrangularis and African mango, which you may not have heard of before. In addition, CentriLEAN uses more familiar names such as green tea, which may put many dieters’ minds at ease, because we like things we understand.
These ingredients are into one diet supplement for diverse approach that hopefully targets more people with one supplement. Is CentriLEAN powerful enough? So far, CentriLEAN has clinically proven weight loss ingredients that have been through multiple human clinical trials. In fact, every one of the ingredients in CentriLEAN has been clinically proven to increase healthy weight loss before.
African mango in particular seems to be the most powerful and diverse approach. However, green tea is a name that millions have become intimately familiar with as a fat burner and a source of healthy antioxidants. Everything about the CentriLEAN ingredients actually makes sense.

Is This Enough?

CentriLEAN uses ingredients that have been through plenty of studies, and we don’t have a lack of proof to suggest that the formula in CentriLEAN is well equipped for healthy weight loss. Based on what we have seen of CentriLEAN through customer reviews as well, CentriLEAN seems to have one of the stronger foundations we’ve seen lately.
CentriLEAN may be relatively new, but makers of CentriLEAN have taken advantage of that fact. Being relatively new allows CentriLEAN to make use of the latest weight loss studies and the most innovative weight loss ingredients. Moreover, because CentriLEAN does not have an established name like Hydroxycut for example, you are also more likely to get a better price and a money back guarantee, both of which should be a prerequisite for every diet pill.
Because of all of this, CentriLEAN can give dieters a killer deal. Time will tell how effective CentriLEAN is in the long run, but we can see that CentriLEAN has significant potential.

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