The website also says that it provides energy to truck and automobile drivers and helps them concentrate on the road and remain alert.

However, the poor thing that we noticed here is that diet pill may be good for energy level enhancement but not meant for weight-loss! Further, the website lacks proper medical proofs that could show its effect on one’s weight.

power surge contains the following ingredients that help in giving energy –
Ginseng – this particular ingredient has been shown some indirect effect on the fat burning process. Moreover, it acts as an adaptogen that helps the body in restoring itself to health.
Ginkgo Biloba – it has many uses; for example, it enhances energy and helps increase mental faculty. It also aids in avoiding dementia
Royal jelly – it is a collection of numerous nutrients and vitamins. It has cholesterol lowering, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic effects.
Oxygenated water.
The following are the advantages of the product –
It is a caffeine free energy drink.
It is readily available and you can find it with many suppliers.
It has a refreshing citrus taste

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The following are the cons of Cheetah Power Surge –
Cheetah Power Surge may lead to certain side-effects like insomnia, jitters, bad temper, increased heart rate, and increased cholesterol.
You can see negative customer reviews made on this product.
People who have known allergies may have allergic reactions to royal jelly ranging from hives, and asthma
No clinical data has been given in support of the claims made by the manufacturer.

Cheetah Power Surge has a longer list of cons than pros and many potential negative effects. It also does not have any effect on one’s weight at all; therefore, we recommend against using this product.