Orovo Diet Pills Review

Orovo, a leading name in the slimming pill market has invested much time in the Orovo XTreme brand of pills. After reading through at least 600 reports and testamonials, from both current and past users, we couldn’t help see a pattern of success amongst many of the slimmers. Most showed at least some weight loss, around 6-8lb, after just 6 weeks of use, in some cases a 14lb loss was seen.

Better results were seen by those who did a small but regular amount of excercise each day, we would recommend 30 minutes, even just a walk with the dog or similar.

The average weight loss was roughly 1lb per week of use and although we had a large cross section of data, from a wide group of people, we found the results we fairly static across the board, again with those who did perform some excercise doing markedly better.


The Orovo XTreme diet pills are marketed as a “multi-functional” weight loss product, straight from the manufacturers site, and, we would agree. In over half of the users is was noted that they felt that they had an increase in general energy levels throughout the day, and felt more bright and alert. The Orovo Xtreme weight loss pills also claim to work initially as a Detoxifier, cleansing toxins to the cellular level. The rather non-conventional list of ingredients include some to increase the metabolism of the users body, thus increasing the awareness of additional energy. The Pills are helping the body be more efficient, not only in it’s energy usage, but it’s energy production.

Hence, you can eat the same, get more energy, burn more fat & LOSE more weight. A recipe for success in our book.

The slimming pills contain over 50 weight loss ingredients, in cluding the original Orovo 10 Super Foods.

Guarana, Oolong Tea, Bioperine and many more.

We tested the quality of the backup service Orovo offer, we found a “Live Web Chat” link on their Homepage, it was answered quickly and courteously, we presented a query which was satisfactorily answered almost imediately. The backup seemed 100%.Orovo Weight Loss Pills

So, to sum up this excellent product, we know it is not the cheapest on the market, but, the best Never is and it’s currently $80 off RRP so right now is the perfect time to set your goals and get on Orovo XTreme. If you want results and you want them fast, well, reasonably fast, then you could do a lot worse than putting your faith in the Orovo XTreme Weight Loss Pills.

Orovo X-Treme, The Hardcore Diet Pill – testimonials

Anne W, Aged 33, California;

I’d read all the online reviews, and I decided to take the plunge, I was so happy, with just a little walking each day and my normal healthy(ish) diet, on Orovo X-Treme I lost just under 40lb’s in only 4 Months.

Peter, Aged 45, Ohio

I was unhappy with my weight and i had already tried several other claimed weight loss products without much success, just 4 weeks into the Orovo XTreme Weight Loss pills I had already lost 3lb’s, I felt so much more alive. My wife thougth I was a New Man. I ended up losing 35lb’s using the Orovo X-Treme. I am a very happy man now.

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