Phen375 Diet Supplement Review

What is this Phen375 that everyone seems to be raving on about in the weight loss market? Most importantly does it work? and how does it work? or is this simply just another hyped up, flavour of the month diet pill doing the rounds and then die off as fast as it came, never to be seen again?

Whatever it is, we will be giving you the stats and facts on this very popular fat burner with our final thoughts at the end. Lets dive in.


Phen375 is a relatively newcomer to the world of diet pills, making it’s debut in 2009. However, in that relatively short space of time it has experienced some explosive and phenomenal sales and shows no signs of slowing down, no doubt due to its effectiveness to burning off the fat. Users on average are experiencing weight losses of 3lb-5lbs a week, that’s nearly 20lbs a MONTH!

Product Features:

• Manufactured only in FDA registered facilities
• Pharmaceutical grade quality-No prescription required
• Quality guaranteed
• 800mg per tablet:US
• 900mg per tablet:Europe
• Low price guaranteed
• Maximises appetite suppression
• Super enhances metabolism rate
• Supercharges energy levels
• Manufacturers Guarantee

Phen375 Quick Facts

• 1 Million Bottles Sold…..and COUNTING!
• Global Hit…Phen375 has shipped to over 154 countries!
• High Re-Order Rate…63% of FIRST TIMER BUYERS have re-ordered more than once
• Immediate Results…92% of customers experienced noticeable losses within the FIRST WEEK 

Sounds great, but how does it work?

Phen375 is made with a combination of carefully selected, very specific and powerful ingredients, each and every one refined and produced only in a pharmaceutical environment.Each pill works its magic by kick starting the bodies metabolism rate into a higher rate of gear, this in turn expedites the fat burning process.

To gain a better understanding, let’s have a look at some of the ingredients in Phen375 and the roles they play:

• Calcium Carbonate: Mostly used as a calcium supplement, used for correcting low levels of calcium in the body when dietary intake is poor or if the  body requires a higher than normal levels of calcium.
• Chromium Picolinate: This is typically a nutritional supplement, mostly found in pill form and normally sold OTC. It is known to boost energy levels and keep your appetite to a minimum. Chromium Picolinate can also be found in small amounts in every day foods such as meat, poultry, fish and whole grain bread.

• L Carnitine: L Carnitine or Carnitine is a naturally occurring amino acid in our body. Created from Lysine and Methionine which are also amnio acids, its role is to transport the fatty acids  in our body so it can be converted into energy. This in turn helps the body to burn more fat. L Carnitine can also be found in red meats, fish and dairy products.

• LongJack Tongkat ALI Root: Also known as Long jack is flowering plant/tree common in East Asian countries. It is commonly used as a male enhancement product due to its ability to increase testosterone. However, Long jack is used for its abilities to turn glucose into energy which can then be easily burned off  as generally glucose is stored as fat. This in turn makes it harder for fat to be stored and easier to burn fat.
•  Citrus Aurantium: A tree native to South Vietnam, its extracts are commonly used in weight loss supplements. It has an active  compound called Synephrine which is an amphtamine like chemical. Its benefits includes decreased appetite , increased metabolism as well as increased fat break downs.
• Caffeine: Mostly found in coca beans(yes coffee) , this is used to help trick the brain into thinking that you are full. This in turn will cause the body to burn more fat to get the energy needed to function at an optimum level.

• Cayenne Capsicum: Also known as capsaicin, cayenne, chilli pepper and red pepper to name but a few. The derived extracts were commonly used in cooking until clinical studies  found them to have significant medicinal benefits, one of these benefits being its use in weight loss. Clinical studies has shown that it can increase ones metabolism by 25%, this of course in turn leads to a faster rate of fat burning. Capsicum is also the main ingredient in most fat burner diet pills.

In simple english, all these combined accomplishes the following:
• Suppresses your appetite, therefore reducing the need to eat more
• Increases your metabolism rate significantly
• Stimulates muscle tissue which prevents muscle loss whilst dieting
• Burns calories at a super increased rate
With such a lethal plethora of fat burning ingredients and metabolism enhancers combined to form such a potent pill, it’s no wonder that so many people are having so much success losing some serious poundage whilst gaining more and more confidence in their body and easy to see how Phen375 has sold over 1 million bottles                  


Ok, Sounds good…..but how do I use it? why would I use it?
Phen375 is predominantly a food supplement fat burner for  people wanting to lose that extra bit of weight.It is suitable for both men and women looking lose weight or that extra bit of kick to shift that stubborn bit of excess fat.

However, there are some exceptions when it’s not ideal to take Phen375 and they are as follows:
• If you are pregnant
• If you are nursing
• If you are suffering from high blood pressure
• If you are suffering from any heart conditions
• If you are diabetic
• If you suffer from any cardiovascular disorders
• If you suffer from hyperthyroidism
Also, as a precaution, you should stop using this if you start to feel nauseous, sleeplessness or nervousness. Each bottle comes with 30 pills which is enough for 1 month if you follow the recommended usage which is 1 pill per day.

As Phen375 is a food supplement, the best results are achieved when taken as part of a diet plan which Phen375 also offers as a bonus to consumers. If you do follow their diet plan, you’ll notice that it’ll require taking 2 pills a day if you’re wanting to lose up to 15 pounds or more, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. For people wanting to lose just 10 pounds or less, 1 pill a day will suffice.

The diet plans are specifically devised for male/female and non-active and active lifestyle so the calorie intake for each consumer will differ. Also bare in mind that water is a great helper when dieting as it enables your body to flush away toxins that have accumulated in fatty tissue, so be sure to follow the recommended consumption in the diet plan.

As always if you are not sure whether you should start a diet, always consult your doctor or a medical professional.

Phen375 is not a miracle pill and should not be treated as such. Fat burners will only do so much, your diet is what will play a key role your fight against losing weight.

Ok so why you would use Phen375?
• GET BACK INTO THE DATING GAME: Lets face it, everyone wants to look their best when dating, I mean who doesn’t? Getting back into the dating game is good a motivation as any to shift those extra kilos  pounds.
• GETTING MARRIED: Everyone wants to look good on their BIG DAY!And just think in the years to come when your’re looking back at those wedding photos, you’ll say to yourself……………“boy did I look good”
• GOING ON HOLIDAY: Whether it’s with family, friends or just work colleagues, Holidays generally means SUN, BEECHES and SEMI-NUDITY. So unless your’re perfectly happy with those bingo chicken wing arms or that overlapping  belly standing next to the Adonis-like locals, there’s no better time than a few months beforehand to get shedding those extra pounds.
• COMING BACK FROM HOLIDAY: Let’s face it,you go on holiday to relax and chill out, not to exercise and diet,so by the time you get back all that extra poundage would have crept back on.
• CHEAPER THAN LIPOSUCTION: A typical liposuction surgery to remove excess fat averages from $4-$6k US dollars, removing between 4-6lbs, thats nearly $1k per POUND!Phen375 starts at $69.95 with users proven to have lost up to 25lbs in 6 weeks…well, I’ll let you do the math on that one.
• FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF: Being fit and healthy can have a positive effect and improve how you feel about yourself, especially your self-confidence. So do yourself a favour and stay healthy!
• BETTER SEX LIFE: This is for the men out there………wouldn’t you want to last longer than 3 minutes before running out of breath, unable to carry on? not only that, but your sex drive would significantly improve as well.
• STRETCH MARKS: Gaining weight is known to contribute to stretch mark formations, and the fact is the longer your’re overweight, the more it will develop. So be proactive about it, losing weight will help avoid this and other issues such as loose skin.
• RELIEVE DEPRESSION: A recent study showed that there is a strong link between being overweight and  depression.The study also showed that test subjects who lost at least 2.5kg of weight significantly improved their mental health, so what are you waiting for?
• JUST HAD A BABY: Having a baby is tough, but shifting that excess weight after a pregnancy can be even tougher.Sometimes you need that extra bit of kick to get things moving.
This list is no means exhaustive as there are many more reasons why you would use Phen375, but the long and short of it is if your’re seriously looking to loose weight for any reason, and it literally could be for any reason, then Phen375 could well be a very good choice to go with.  


Hmmm……..ok, but does it REALLY WORK?are there any success stories?
In a relatively short space of time since it launched in 2009, thousands of people have sung the praises of Phen375, attesting to its effectiveness in helping to lose weight and burning that fat. Below is a selection of those people whose lives have changed for the better because of their weight loss………could you be NEXT?