Best Diet Pills in 2019

best diet pills

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At, we may be stating what has become obvious to users of various diet pills in the past. Most of them don’t work. But it needs to be said considering that the dietary industry is always growing and some of the most frequently purchased diet supplements are the worst in quality and rates of success. This seems contradictory, but it is confirmed by the simple numbers.

Most of these diet pills rely on and hype the most common ingredients such as green tea, and we are by no means saying that these ingredients don’t work. But we can say that these companies don’t use the right amounts. Some of them use proprietary blends that contain 8-20 different ingredients, but don’t even provide a total mg amount that would cover one of the proven ingredients they claim to use.

But there are products that actually work. They use the right amounts of each clinically proven ingredient and only the highest caliber of ingredients in general. They provide top of the line formulas and amazing results that users have hoped for, but never experienced in the past.

How We Discover And Review The Highest Caliber Weight Loss Pills:

  • Find the highest caliber and most effective weight loss ingredients
  • Find the clinically proven amounts and possible side effects
  • Consider thousands of consumer feedback and review forms
  • Search out and rate the best diet supplements in the market

We have evaluated hundreds of different diet supplements to find the best. We set down our requirements in stone and hoped for something that would exceed even our strict expectations. What we found definitely qualified and then exceeded our expectations.

Are You Looking For The Top Diet Pills?

At, we have searched and reviewed hundreds of top selling diet supplements to find the best based on the following 6 point criteria:

1. Ingredients
2. Efficiency
3. Side effects
4. Return policy
5. Customer reviews
6. Overal value

So just keep reading to easily find the best diet supplements that actually work.

1. Phenq

PhenQ provides the best caliber diet supplements getting rid of the fillers, unnecessary waste, and hyped up ingredients only causing side effects. Instead, they created a side effect and stimulant free formula with 3 of the most qualified and proven weight loss compounds to be yet introduced. When combined with the clinically proven amounts that PhenQ does use, you can lose 30 combined pounds in just 30 pounds. The better part is that months after the cessation of use, users of PhenQ have reported keeping the weight off.

2. Nuphedragen

Nuphedragen is the world’s first of its kind, and though it has many imitators to be sure, none match its amazing results. We have heard various reports of different levels of weight loss. But all have claimed that it exponentially multiplied their past results and they could feel the difference without feeling side effects. Nuphedragen is a top rated formula whether you are talking to experts or consumers, and we are highly impressed by it.

3. Orovo Detox

Some users started out using Orovo Detox to jump start their diet or prepare for that big trip to Hawaii happening in only a few days or maybe a few weeks. But after seeing the benefits both in weight loss and the way they felt, including the maintenance of weight loss results to a greater degree on vacations and constantly increasing weight loss, users have continued its use. They didn’t get what they expected, because most underestimated Orovo Detox. But in the end, they get the results they always wanted.

Caralluma Actives

Caralluma Actives is a diet pill that mainly acts as an appetite suppressant. It uses caralluma fimbriata plant as its main ingredient.

The site claims that the product makes the users feel full by sending wrong signals to the brain which make it seem like the stomach is full.

However, unfortunately the official site has very little information on this product and also noticeably lacks testimonials, full ingredient list and any other clinical proofs.

Caralluma Actives depends on the ingredient caralluma fimbriata extract, which is a succulent plant and has the benefits of hunger reducer as well thirst quencher. It is believed to be very good at suppressing one’s appetite to induce weight loss and also aids in boosting stamina.

The following are the pros of the Caralluma diet pill:

Caralluma fimbriata, which is the main ingredient, is a medically proven appetite suppressant.
It contains no toxins and therefore, no side-effect.
They offer a trial package.

Unfortunately the list of cons is bigger than the pros of diet pills:

They do offer a free trial run but all those who take the trial offer have to cancel the order within 14 days, or else they will be charged for the full amount, i.e. one bottle.
Each bottle of Caralluma Actives comes for a hefty price of $59.97 for one bottle, which is very costly

The official website of natural diet pill does not have a detailed list of all the ingredients used in the product which could prove to be very problematic as many people are allergic to certain things.

The official website of diet pill is not very informative at all and has no instructions as to the prescribed amount to be had or anything.

To conclude, even though diet pill is made from all natural ingredients, there is not much information about it on their official website, and it is nothing unique. Therefore, we do not recommend it to anyone.

Cellucor D4 Thermal Shock is a product that is manufactured by the Cellucor brand. It is a weight reduction pill that declares that it has the capability to allow the user in getting rid of fat in tricky areas, suppress hunger and appetite, increase the metabolic rate.

Cellucor D4 thermal shock also claims to enhance energy levels as well focus and attentiveness. Cellucor asserts to give users an unmatched adrenaline rush.

The official website further proclaims that the product has been used by many athletes, nutritionists, and models; however, we didn’t find any substantial proof.

Caffeine – Caffeine is known to increase mental faculty and muscle strength. It also increases metabolism.
White willow bark – it is used as an anti-inflammatory, fever reducer, anti-rheumatic, and astringent.
Passion Flower extracts – Passion Flower includes flavonoids such as isovitexin, vitexin, saponarin, orientin, glycosides, etc. It also helps as a sleep stimulant.

Other ingredients of Cellucor D4 thermal shock are Embelic Myrobalan Extract, Octopamine HCL, Evodiamine HCL, Forselex, etc.

The pros of this product which we found are –
The product promotes exercising, which is good for the body and heart.
It provides energy along with an increase in mental focus.
It also suppresses hunger and appetite.
It has a 100% money back guarantee.

The cons of this product are many. Some of them are mentioned below:

This diet pill contains caffeine and many people are sensitive to caffeine, so they should steer clear of this product. Caffeine has many harmful side effects, for instance, increased heart rate and high blood pressure may take place.
This product is harmful to women who are pregnant or still nursing. They should avoid this product at all costs.
The official website doesn’t give a detailed list of all the ingredients used in the product. It only mentions a couple of them out of a list of 70 ingredients.
People who have a high blood pressure, heart condition, diabetes and hypoglycaemia should not use this product.
This diet pill is quite expensive, turning out to be about $71.99 for each bottle.

Cellucor D4 thermal shock, therefore, is like any other weight loss supplement available in the market, and it doesn’t have any proven results. The presence of caffeine makes it a little undesirable as it may have adverse effects and also contributes to loss of sleep. And thus we do not recommend this product to anyone.

Cellucor WS1 Extreme Diet Pills

Cellucor WS1 Extreme is a weight loss product which claims to burn fat and limit storing of fats.
Not only this, but the manufacturer further claimed that this product is capable of increasing energy and is stimulant free.
 As stated on the official website, WS1 Extreme turns fatty acids and burns it in the form of energy.
 Other than these, a lot of other proclamations have been made by the manufacturer like it regulates insulin level, vitamin-rich, etc. But unfortunately, we didn’t notice much information about the product itself and also the website lacks customer testimonials and medical proofs!

WS1 Extreme that claims to be one of the best weight loss supplements contains the following ingredients –

Vitamin A – This is one of the important ingredients that help vision and bone growth.
Bitter Gourd – It stimulates digestion, and enhances insulin sensitivity. It also helps prevent and counteract diabetes mellitus.
Omega 3 – Omega 3 fish oil has been shown to sustain healthy weight, decrease cholesterol, improve blood flow, and diminish the risk of heart disease.
Vitamin K1 – This is necessary for blood clotting and assists the change of glutamine to glutamic acid.
Acetyl-L-Carnitine – It is the chief component in this weight loss invention. This element aids in transforming fat into energy and stops fat from being accumulated at all.

Other ingredients of WS1 Extreme are Eicosapentaenoic Acid, Docosahexanoic Acid, and Tetradecylthioacetic Acid.

The pros of this product which we found are –

It is stimulant and caffeine free.
There is a 100% money back guarantee on this product.
It enhances the metabolic system and as a result increases energy and slows down fat storage.

The cons of this product are many. Some of them are mentioned below:-

WS1 Extreme is very expensive. Each bottle costs $62.99, which is only a month’s supply.
It is designed for those people who do not have a weight problem as yet, but are on their way to having one.
It is completely effective only when taken with other cellucor weight loss products.
It does not contain any appetite and hunger suppressant ingredient.

WS1 Extreme is effective only when taken with other Cellucor weight loss products. WS1 extreme does not contain an appetite suppressant which makes it difficult for users, and it is also very expensive so it can’t be afforded by everybody. Consumers looking for a proven weight loss product should look for a product which contains a thermogenesis fat burner and an appetite suppressant.

Common and Effective Diet Supplements

People who have tried to lose weight might succeed at shedding off a pound or two and still have unwanted flabs. Taking in fat burner supplements along with the right amount of diet and exercise will take care of that. You will not just drop the surplus weight; you also lose the excess fat that might have been stored in your chin, arms, thighs, bottom or tummy. With continuous exercise, the better to get your body trim and toned after the pudginess has gone.

Most diet pills like phentermine, phen375 work either by jumpstarting the body’s metabolism. When the metabolic rate increases, the faster the calories burned. When the calories are spent, the body does not store them thus the fat stores eventually get depleted. Another mechanism how fat burner supplements work is through stifling your appetite.

When little or no food comes in, the body turns to fat stores for energy. This type of supplement is great when used in conjunction with high intensity exercise for faster results. The last kind of fat burner supplement boosts energy levels. This gives your body the extra oomph to perform strenuous workouts and in turn, burn fats out. These are the common ingredients of a typical fat burner supplement:

  • Chitosan: This is a type of derivative of the type of sugar that holds the shell of crustaceans like shrimps and crabs. It binds fat during digestion and prevents it from being absorbed by the body.
  • Fucoxanthin: This is kind of Japanese seaweed that kick starts the body’s metabolic rates. This happens by altering the genetic makeup of the body by producing the protein which hastens fat breakdown.
  • Cayenne.: This is a certified thermogenic food that burns fat by raising body temperature and metabolism. Its spiciness may be enough to turn off taste buds but its fat burning effects linger after the spiciness has subsided.
  • Gymnema: To hasten fat burning in the body, the carbohydrate supply should be diminished so that fats will be used for energy. This herb makes sweet food taste bad that you might not want to eat any.
  • Experts frown upon the use of these supplements of weight watchers. After all, most fat burner supplements are distributed through re-label or customized trademarks which meant a formula can be sold in health stores as different brands.

For those who want to give fat burner supplements a try, consult with a physician first and then read through some of fat burner reviews and then take your own course of action.